Guide to the Brides emergency kit

19th Jun 2018

I know you have so much to think about already with everything you are doing to plan for your big day but this should provide you with a helpful list of items that you may need in the case of an emergency on the day of your wedding.

You can solely use this or share it amongst your bridesmaids, wedding party and/or guests. Either way you will be so pleased you did this and it will also give you peace of mind in the event of something going wrong (though highly unlikely to happen because you have planned the day to perfectly!!).

Emergency kit:

1. Lip gloss/lip stick – you won’t be carrying around a handy clutch with you on the day and you want to be picture perfect so keep something available for you to moisten those beautiful lips.

2. Hair grips and spray – after some mad dancing, it is only inevitable that the expensive hair do may start to loosen. Add a few hair grips and some hair spray to your kit and you will look as good as new.

3. Perfume/deodorant – fingers crossed for gorgeous weather on your wedding day but this will mean that you may start to get a bit hot, particularly if your carrying around with you a heavier wedding dress. Have some perfume or deodorant to hand for a quick spray to freshen up.

4. Safety pins – whilst I know you will be very protective over your gorgeous wedding dress (which we hope you will have bought from TL Bridal hint hint), it takes only one drunken uncle to step on your train while your walking away from the dance floor for the terror of a rip. Grab your closest bridesmaid or your mum to help you with some safety pins to hide away any imperfections (no one will know and remember, anything can be fixed!!)

5. Plasters/blister pads – so you have worn in your wedding shoes religiously for the last month, sadly this does not guarantee that your feet won’t feel the pain of a blister or too. Have some plasters/blisters go hand so that you can continue wearing those stunning heels for as long as you want too!

6. Flats – once you can’t take the heels anymore (and your now husband gives you that look of “I knew you wouldn’t wear them all night”) swap the heels in for flats or flip flops. You can always get some pretty bridal like footwear from Ted Baker for example.

7. Paracetamol – everyone knows you are having the best day ever but headaches do happen if your dehydrated or tired. Make sure you have some painkillers available just in case and you will be thankful.

8. Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss – anything to keep those pearly whites white and remove any canapé pieces from your teeth (you don’t want your brothers to take advantage of this and snapchat such photos later!!)

9. Sun lotion – if the weather man lied and said it would be cloudy but it actually is brilliant sunshine (which of course it will be because you planned for it!), pop a travel size sun lotion in your emergency kit to put on any skin exposed areas. Ideal put some on before you put your wedding dress on in the morning but if not have a bridesmaid or your mother help you to avoid getting any on your stunning TL Bridal wedding dress.

10. Water – finally and probably the most important…a huge bottle of water!! It is so easy to forget to drink water on this day when you constantly have a glass of bubbly in your hand, continually being refilled by everyone! Keep hydrated and you will feel and look fab all day and the next!!

Make sure your emergency kit is in an accessible place for you and who ever you wish to share it with. Yes it’s another thing to think about but trust me, it’s worth it!!

Happy wedding day!