Makeup tips for your wedding day

17th Jul 2018

The ultimate guide to wedding day makeup

Doing your own makeup on your wedding day? Are your bridesmaids doing their own makeup? Well here are a few handy tips to make things a little easier and stress free.

Always apply moisturiser and primer before foundation. This will give no only a more even coverage but also your foundation will last much longer as the day progresses; this means less touch ups for you!
Match your foundation to your overall body tone. If you have got a spray tan before the big day, you don’t want your skin tone on your face to be a few shades lighter than your neck down!! Definitely do a trial for a spray tan if your going to get one a couple months before your wedding day and then match up the foundation you intend to use a day or so after the trial. Handy trick, at John Lewis or House of Fraser, they will give you samples of shades of foundation which is ideal if you aren’t likely to have regular spray tans.
Use a concealer that’s 1 to 2 shades lighter than your foundation. Again ask for samples if your usual concealer isn’t the right shade at the time of your wedding.
Always set your foundation with setting powder. Rule of thumb, for your makeup to last as long as possible, always apply dry on top of wet – learnt that from my makeup artist who did my makeup and have never looked back.
Use a taupe matte bronzer. This is so that there isn’t too much of a contrast in your skin colour when contouring, giving a much more natural look.
Highlight high points such as cheek bones, nose and Cupid’s bow. Recommendations are High Beam by Benefit, Moonshine by Becca or the highlighter kits by KKW to give a dewy fresh shine.
Use a blusher that is a simple colour to your lips and apply to the apple of your cheek blending upwards. Check out Clinique’s range of blushers; they are lovely!!
For blondes, use a brow colour that is 1 to 2 shades darker than your hair colour. For brunettes, use a colour 1 to 2 shades lighter than your hair colour. Loving Urban Decays brow box; slightly pricey but lasts ages.
Just like your face, prime your eyelids (wet) and then apply the shadow (dry). Use a warm toned crease colour for a gradual increase in dramatic colour.
Use a pencil eye liner or gel for a natural definition and remember not to use a harsh liquid liner (it’s all about a natural fresh look). Remember to blend eyeliner into a subtle cat eye and blend the bottom lash line. A angled brush is perfect for this (easier to blend pencil eyeliner for sure).
Always curl lashes before mascara – you can really damage your lashes if you do it after plus it clumps the lashes together which can give a really heavy look around your eyes.
If your using false lashes (which are fab for a more dramatic effect), use ones with a thin band where possible and remember to trim them to match your eye width.
For fuller lips, not only use lip liner to to edge the line of your lips but fill in the lines with the pencil. This will not only give the impression of fuller lips but also will make your lip colour last longer for sure.
Finally, definitely use a setting spray once completed your look. Urban Decay’s All Night setting spray is perfect and a must have.

Hopefully the above gives some helpful points. We would highly recommend doing some trials when you can; make it an occasion with your besties or bridesmaids to all practice together – pre hen do fun!Either way, makeup doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming – enjoy the process and look forward to perfecting your look.