New Affiliates, Pavillion and Symondsbury Estate to join our Family

22nd Apr 2017


We are delighted to introduce two new affiliates to the TL Bridal family, namely Symondsbury Estate and Pavilion.

Having attended several weddings myself at Symondsbury Estate, I was able first hand to witness the delights of such a beautiful and romantic wedding venue. Given the close proximity to such a fabulous wedding setting, it was fate that such a venue was also excited to become involved with TL Bridal. I am very much looking forward to enjoying a close working relationship with such a delightful establishment. Look out for us at Symondsbury Estate Wedding Fayre in October 2017. For more details, see

Pavilion has assisted TL Bridal from the start of its journey. Pavilion have provided assistance with building the website, taking promotional photos at our opening evening and providing general filming and photography for much of our social media and advertising. Without Pavilions’ professionalism and expertise, TL Bridal would not look as modern and chic  as it does today. Not only do Pavilion assist with promoting brands for companies such as TL Bridal, they also are seeking to offer wedding photography and video for your special day. If you are interested in any of the work or services that Pavilion have to offer, check out their website at