New Years Resolutions

7th Jan 2019

New Years Resolutions for you and your husband to be

We all start the year with all these grand wishes / resolutions for any new year; be healthy, stop drinking, lose weight, win the lottery. But how about some having some fun positive goals for you and your husband to be this 2019!

Wedding Planning Couple

First of all and most importantly remember that you are BOTH planning a wedding! The grooms to be can become forgotten and yes maybe they don’t want to be asked about colour schemes or flowers but remember to talk them through your thoughts and ideas so they know what to expect on the big day! As such first resolution – make sure you and your groom are both included in the planning of your wedding.


Healthy Eating for 2019

Secondly, now I know its cliche but you have or probably will have bought a wedding dress. Then getting to the ideal size/shape is important but so is not fluctuating otherwise you’ll need to get the cheque book out – the seamstress is going to have a field day. This goes for the groom as well! So second goal for 2019, monitor your weight to stay at your ideal level.


Date night

Next on the list, make time for one another. Remember that you became engaged for a reason; to spend the rest of your lives together. You don’t want to wake up after you wedding and realise you have nothing now to talk about because all you did was talk about the wedding for 2 years! A fab New Years resolution will be to ensure you have date night once a week where you cannot talk about the wedding. Trust me – it will pay off


Stop spending money resolution

Stop wasting money – something anyone should do but a couple saving for a wedding would definitely benefit from this!


Couples Project 2019

Plan a project together is a great goal to set for after your wedding. This will ensure that you have something to look forward too after so much of your time is taken up planning for your special day (it can be a bit sad once it’s all over) so have something to do together that you can get excited about!


De-Clutter in 2019

And finally, de clutter! After your wedding you will have so much stuff so use this chance to not only get rid of wedding stuff your unlikely to ever look at again but also general household stuff. You will feel so cleansed and it will again be something you could do with your significant other!


Goals for 2019

Remember to set realistic and achievable goals – set them with your partner and you guys will feel closer than ever! Happy New Year from TL Bridal