Our 5 Top Wedding Guest Outfits

18th Sep 2018

Our 5 Top Wedding Guest Outfits

Whilst of course our focus is wedding dresses, we love to hear about and see what you wedding guests are wearing for all sorts of wedding themes and styles.

Here are five of our favourite styles:

Wedding Guest Outfit


Going for a long sleeve dress can be very appropriate for a more autumnal or winter wedding or alternatively a church wedding. We love this style as it’s modest with the sleeves but it’s still stylish with the cut of the skirt.


Wedding Guest Style


Love this lose sparkly number, perhaps for a hotel or more glamorous wedding where formalities are as important but still holding the ‘going out’ look.


Summer wear for wedding guests


The classic maxi dress, perfect for a summer, beach or country barn wedding; boho style all the way! Love these colours.


Wedding Guest Dresses


A tulle skirt is a modern elegant and girlie item of clothing for any type of wedding. Whilst wearing white to a wedding is generally frowned upon, coupling a white skirt with a coloured top and accessories is an easy way to get away with breaking the rules!


Wedding Guest Suites


Finally the jump suit is back! Topped with a blazer or cute jacket and a hat this is a stunning outfit for any wedding guest. That gorgeous cobalt colour is everything and perfect for any wedding season.