TL Bridal Boutique Design

18th Sep 2018

TL Bridal Boutique Design

When we set out in designing the interior of TL Bridal Boutique we weren’t sure what colour or style we wanted but we knew we wanted it to be warm, relaxed and inviting. This was important to us to ensure that anyone who walked through our door, Bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, felt comfortable with their surroundings.

The first time you try on a wedding dress, you can be very nervous so we wanted to design the interior so that it made our brides feel welcome, not overwhelmed and that the focal point was the dresses rather than anything else.

The first step for us was colour scheme. We wanted something feminine which is traditional in bridal boutiques but we understood that not all our brides are going to be the girlie girls you see in the movie Father of the Bride or 27 Dresses for example! We also wanted warmth and given dark interiors have definitely become more of a trend, we settled on a stunning teal colour.

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However when we started painting, we realised that the real all over was likely to make the Boutique feel small and whilst the white from the wedding dresses looked amazing against that vibrate blue, we needed to lighten it up and as such went for a baby pink on every other way.

As we now had our colour scheme, a Pinterest board was essential for those soft furnishings. We decided on gold and black accents which again brought out the white in the wedding dresses and gave a more sophisticated / modern touch to the boutique rather than the traditional ‘shabby chic’.

Using glass for tables and textured fabrics such as velvet for our stools and sofa we were also to encompass a feeling of space but also luxury and comfort.

Having extra large mirrors on both main wedding dress display walls was crucial to ensure that our brides could see themselves in our wedding dresses at full length and from different positions and angles.

Having only two railings of wedding dresses downstairs and the same upstairs was important to make sure that the dresses were not crowded, they did not blend into one and brides could easily see each dress before deciding whether to try it on.

We are very proud of our boutique and how it had come together. We have much more to do as we evolve so come in and see for yourselves what we have done and hear about what we would like to do in the future.


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