What is Meghan Markle’s wedding dress going to be like?

8th May 2018

With the royal wedding of the year soon upon us between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the question on every bride to be’s mind is, what is her wedding dress going to be like.

We at TL Bridal are asking the same question and looking forward to the great reveal on Saturday 19 May 2018.

With this question looming in the air, we have a few ideas of what to expect to see on Meghan’s wedding dress:

1. Lace – it seems to be the tradition now for most significant royal brides to have a predominately lace wedding dress, the Duchess of Cambridge and even Grace Kelly being perfect examples of this. However as Prince Harry is now 6th in line to the British throne, the more traditional lace dress may not be necessarily taken on, though I am sure we will see some for of intricate lace or embroidery on the dress somewhere if not all over.

2. Significant embroidery – one of the most beautiful and enchanting details of a royal wedding dress is the details hidden on the dress. Most telling are those will be symbols of places of importance to the royal family or represent values of what that member of the royal family represents. For example, Queen Elizabeth II had on her wedding dress, delicate embroidered plants/flowers which represented each country within Great Britain. Katherine (the Duchess of Cambridge) had similar symbolism embroidered on her wedding dress. Whether Meghan will go down the same route will be revealed on 19 May 2018 but we suspect that there will be some form of significant to any particular detailing she has on her wedding dress.

Royal Wedding Dresses Kate Middleton

3. Meghan’s shoulders will be covered – whilst again Prince Harry is now 6th in line for the British throne, his Grandmother is Queen of England and as such is likely to have some views over how conservative her future granddaughter will be dressed. As you have seen with Pippa Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, shoulders have been covered to avoid too much skin that would be considered scandalous for a member of the royal family. We suspect therefore that there may be capped sleeves of sorts, perhaps slightly off the shoulder to open up the neckline.

4. A-line or mermaid – we are suspecting full on princess dress which means A-line for us or a more modest ball gown, pulling in at the waist to still be able to show Meghan’s slim frame. Very rarely have we seen a royal in anything but a full skirt so we don’t suspect this will happen for Prince Harry’s bride to be.

5. Will Meghan’s dress be white/Ivory – of course. Whilst she isn’t necessarily from a royal or noble household, she is still marrying into one of the most powerful families and will look to please the Queen for certain. As such, we are positive that the dress will be white or ivory and not a more on-trend colour such as champagne or blush which we are seeing on the catwalk.

Royal Wedding Dress

Whatever Meghan Markle wears, she will be a vision and the perfect bride as every bride is.